eCube The XSLT Profiler.

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The XSLT profiler

On Aug. 1st 2002 eCube released catchXSL! V1.2.1  new in V1.1

V1.2.1 contains some bug fixes and also enables easy integration into Xml Spy (see How to profile).

catchXSL! is a free(!) XSLT profiler based on Java, and the new version 1.2 now comes with a Swing user interface binary options cpa affiliate.
catchXSL! traces your XSLT transformations and lists each individual style instruction. The XSLT developer now gets useful hints on how to improve performance of a transformation. More


The tool was delevoped by eCube and further improvements are still going on. If you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports, please send email to
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